Expert Pujari Guidelines

Online E-Pooja Guidelines

  • Laptop, iPad/Tablet is suggestable than Mobile. Also instead of Hotspot / Mobile Network, please use Good Internet Connection.
  • Should have latest devices which support GoToMeeting/ Zoom or Microsoft Teams & Install from Play Store/Web.
  • Should have proper Audio output such as Bluetooth Speakers / Sound Boxes and the device should be in landscape mode.
  • Should have the Video Camera device minimum 3-4 feet distance far from the Puja area.
  • Puja premises should be visible clearly to Pandit ji while performing the puja to guide properly.
  • By default should be in mute mode & can unmute yourself whenever required.
  • Take necessary precautions to avoid background noise such as traffic, house related sounds & TV etc.
  • If your video stuck at any point of time due to poor connectivity / low band width, requesting to rejoin again.
  • Should be ready with all necessary puja items 15-30mins before the puja starts.
  • Your meeting will be locked for security purposes once the selected people joined in the Video call.
  • Your Online Video call will be recorded and a recorded link will be shared with you and the link will expire in 7 days.
  • If the Online ePuja link is not working properly, contact us immediately .
  • In case of any queries or clarifications, feel free to directly get in touch with us at: 9971090145 You can reply to this message also or mail us on

Online Astrology Guidelines

  • Please understand clearly what the Astrologer is suggesting. If you have any queries you can ask him on the call only.
  • If required, scribble your question before the consultation, that will help the astrologer give proper answers.
  • All information provided by the Astrologer is the predicational basis, based on Vedic Astrology.
  • Performing Pujas / Vedic Rituals based on Predictions is purely client specific.
  • If the Online Astrology Consultation link is not working properly, reach us @ 9971090145.
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