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Griha Pravesh

Grih Pravesh Pooja is done before entering your new house. It is believed in Hindu tradition that Grih Pravesh puja keeps all evil or negative energies out of the house. We offer prayer and seek divine blessing before entering our new home.

Purpose : The purpose of Grih Pravesh Pooja is to purify the new home. The Vastu Shastra Pooja performed helps to overcome any Vastu Dosh in the house. The Grih Pravesh Pooja allows the flow of positive energy into the house.

Procedure : The Grih Pravesh Pooja involves offering prayers, flowers, Prashad and other essential Samagri to all the gods and goddess. The pooja includes rituals such as Ganesha Pooja, Shanti puja, Vastu Pooja and coconut cracking. The pandit completes the pooja with a havan to purify the home.

The pooja also requires the owner to boil milk or cook Kheer in the new kitchen. This Kheer is then offered to the deities as prashad. Pandit also sprinkles holy water all around the house. It is considered sacred to tie mango and banana leaves on the entrance and doors of the house. All these are done to protect the new house from evil spirits and negative energy.

Date: The Pandit will suggest to you the most auspicious date and time of the Grih Pravesh Pooja after analyzing the Grahas, constellation status, place of moon and sun and Tithi.

Dakshina : Rs.3551

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