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Janamdin Pooja

Janamdin Pooja is done on the Birthday of a person. We offer prayer to the gods and goddesses to bless us with long life. Janamdin Pooja is a way to show our gratitude to the heavenly gods for all the happiness in life.

Purpose : The sole purpose of the Janamdin Pooja is to pray to the gods to bless us with healthy long life. This pooja ensures that no obstacles or evil energies disturb your life. Janamdin Pooja helps you to get the blessing of the gods to accomplish great things in life ahead.

Procedure : You can have a pandit to perform the pooja on your behalf. To obtain all of the benefits of pooja, one may perform the Satyanarayan Pooja. Pooja can be customised depending on the occasion and can include a variety of rituals and customs. Begin with Ganesh Pooja, during which the Navagraha Mantras, as well as several other mantras, are recited. Following that, a Havan is kept with mantras. As previously said, you can chant any mantra of your deities, and since Ganesh’s mantra is universal, you can recite it to grant all of your wishes.

Date: Janamdin Pooja is organized on the birthday of the person.

Samagri : Aarti Samagri, Deep, Kalash, Navagraha, Flowers, Sandalwood Powder, Asthagandh, Til, Sugar, Ghee, Homam with Honey, Havan samagri, 5 types of fruits, Betel leaves, Sweets, Turmeric, Curd, Milk, Ganga Jal, Mango leaves and Dhup Batti.

Dakshina : Rs.2551

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