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Kaal Sarp Pooja

Sarpa means Snake and Kaal means death. Those born under the Kaal Sarpa Yog experience many hardships and problems during their lives. When all seven planets align between Rahu and Ketu, the Kaal Sarp Dosh is formed. It is a recognised mystical occurrence that causes a person to suffer from a variety of problems and occurs as a result of a number of evil karmas committed by particular individuals in previous lives.

Purpose : When the Rahu Ketu Pooja is performed in conjunction with the Kaala Sarp Dosh Pooja, it brings unending harmony and opens doors to progress and peace.

Worshipping the gold idol of the snake also brings sanctification to Goddess Lakshmi. The subconscious starts to believe in good things and any fear fades away.

It also reduces the planets’ negative effects. It also contributes to a stable professional career and social recognition for the native. It eliminates all obstacles and obstacles from one’s life and brings great joy. Family ties become stronger and more positive, protecting a native from evil forces.

Procedure  : This Vidhi or Pooja takes 2 hours to complete. Giving food to those in need is important. Panditji recites mantras and worships Ganapati, Matrika Pujan, 1 Gold Nag, 1 Silver Rahu Murti, and 1 Silver Kaal Murti. This is followed by Navgraha Pooja and Shiv Pooja. The pooja concludes with Havan and Rudrabhishekam.

Date : The Kaal Sarp Dosh Pooja is done on the Amavasya day.

Dakshina : Rs.2551

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