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Maha Mritunjaya Jaap

The jaap of Maha mritunjay mantra is stated in the Rig Veda for a person’s longevity. The Maha mritunjay mantra is one of Hinduism’s most sacred mantras. It is thought to be a very powerful mantra for warding off all bad spirits.

Purpose : Maha mritunjay jaap aids in the prevention of untimely or unexpected death. It is one of the most powerful mantras for overcoming death and living a long and safe life. This mantra is used to pray to Lord Shiva, the most powerful deity, to shield us from all evils and negativity in our lives. We pray for Lord Shiva’s blessings for a happy, safe, and prosperous life.

Procedure : Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap is a 5,000-year-old spiritual tradition that includes invoking Lord Shiva in the form of MAHA KAAL, the universe’s supreme and primordial force, which is thought to be capable of slowing (or even stopping) the process of death and rejuvenating those who are fighting death. The havan fire is lit for 24 hours, and the puja is performed every 6 hours for 4 Prahars. The maha mrityunjaya mantra is chanted 108 times after the Shiva pooja.

Auspicious Muhurat : After looking at the grahas, nakshatra, and the person’s kundli in whose name the havan is to be performed, Panditji will propose an auspicious shubh muhurat for beginning the Maha mritunjay jaap.

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