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Mata Ki Chowki

Maa Durga is the divine force and creative power personified. Among the Hindu Goddesses, Maa Durga is revered as the Mother Goddess. Mata Ki Chowki is a religious gathering that takes place in Chowkis. Mata Ki Chowki is a short-duration Kirtan that can be done at any time of day, at any time of year.

Purpose : To traverse the difficult journey of life, Maa Shakti’s blessings are needed. To be blessed by her divine powers and have one’s wishes fulfilled, one should perform MATA KI CHOWKI or MATA KA JAGRAN. This software can be planned for happy occasions such as weddings, engagements, birthdays, and anniversaries, as well as during the Ganpati and Navratri festivals.

ProcedureWe begin with Ganpati, Navgrah, and Mataji’s Pooja Abhishek in the Chowki. We begin by lighting Mataji’s Akhand Jyot and chanting Langar Vira. Then those who like to sing begin Mataji’s Bhents (devotional songs) one by one. Then there’s a garland and Matajis Bhet offering (coloured Chunni, Coconut, Vegetables, and Shingar.

Then we do Ardass, which is done by a devotee who has kept this Mata Ki Chowki and offers whatever he has in cash or kind, as well as Sangat (Gathering on Chowki). Then we give Mataji of Kheer Bhog Prasad or whatever else the devotee offers. Then there’s Amrit Varkha and Flowers & Petals’ Phoolon ki Varkha.

Finally, we perform Mataji’s Aarti and recite some shlokas, after which we distribute Prasad to everyone and finish the Mata Ki Chowki with Samapti.

Date: You can organise Mata Ki Chowki on any day of the year.

Dakshina : Rs.3551

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