Durga Saptashati Paath

Durga Saptashati paath is performed for the well being of your family. Maa Durga is the embodiment of good over evils. According to the Hindu religion, Maa Parvati took Durga avatar to kill all the demons. She killed all the powerful demons including Mahisasur whom other gods failed to destroy.

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Durga Saptashati paath evokes the presence of Maa Durga in the place of the paath. The paath brings wealth, peace and happiness in your lives. The Durga paath helps to remove all the calamities, troubles, poverty and graha dosh. It protects us from evil spirits. 


Durga saptashati is also known as Devi Mahatyam or Chandi paath. There are two ways of reciting the Chandi paath – Trayangam and Navangam. Trayangam is a form in which three prayers – Devi Kavacham, Argala Stotram, and Devi Keelakam – are chanted before Navakshari Mantram.

Navagam is a technique in which nine prayers are recited before beginning to read a book. Devi Nyasa, Devi Avahana, Devi Namani, Argala Stotram, Keelaka Stotram, Devi Hrudaya, Dhala, Devi Dhyana, and Devi Kavacha are some of the Navangam stotrams.

Devi Mahatmya should be read in one sitting, according to ancient scriptures’ instructions. One should chant the Devi Suktam after completing the Devi Mahatmya recital.

Auspicious Muhurat

It is recommended that one should perform Durga Saptashati paath during the Navratri days but you can consult a pandit for other auspicious dates as well.


The items required for Durga saptashati paath are as follows:

  • Photo of maa durga
  • Diya
  • Ghee
  • Sweets
  • Fruits
  • Flowers
  • Coconut
  • Rice
  • Kalash
  • Chandan
  • Roli
  • Tulsi leaves


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