Office Opening Pooja

Office opening pooja is done before starting a new business or work. It is also performed when one shifts from his old place of work to a newly constructed office. Office opening pooja helps you to get rid of all negative energies and ensures success in the work.

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Hindu religion has great significance for office opening pooja. It is significant to ensure success and prosperity in your work. Office opening pooja is a way to ask heavenly blessings on you. The pooja is helpful to keep evil spirits at distance and bring immense fortune to your work or business.


Office opening pooja involves Ganesha and Laxmi pooja to remove all the obstacles that might affect your work. Lord Ganesha is the symbol of positive energy and the one who fights away all the negativities. On the other hand goddess, Laxmi is the representation of wealth, prosperity and fortune. We offer her prayers so that she will bring wealth and success to the business. The pooja also includes navgraha pooja for peace and tranquillity. It helps combat grah doshas that might be a bad influence on your business.

Auspicious Muhurat

The panditji will suggest several auspicious dates and Subha muhurat perform the Office opening pooja after analyzing the grahas, thiti and planetary motions and movements.


Office opening pooja samagri list is as follows:

  • Ganesha & Laxmi idols
  • Chauki
  • Red cloth
  • Flowers
  • Sweets
  • Seasonal fruits
  • Dhup batti
  • Aarti samagri
  • Coloured rice
  • Havan samagri
  • Chandan
  • Roli
  • Dhruv
  • Ganga Jal
  • Mango leaves
  • Banana leaves
  • Bêtel leaves
  • Til


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