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The Varshaphala, or Vedic Yearly Astrology means to create a person’s present or upcoming yearly kundali. The Varshaphala foretells how a person’s year will unfold.

Varshphal is the astrological equivalent of Varsh, which means “year’s result.” We all want to know how our health, income, work, marriage, childbirth, and other aspects of our lives will turn out.

We enlist the Astrology consultation, analysis and advice, a sacred and ancient science, for this reason. While it is great to have knowledge of the long term future, it is also important to be mindful of what lies ahead on a daily basis, as we all live in the moment, and our choices in the present shape our future.

As a result, Varshphal Predictions can be used to manoeuvre wisely over the immediate time frame of a year. A person’s Varshphal Chart is meticulously constructed by adding numerous repetitive Varshphal Calculations, and the predictions that follow to paint a straightforward picture of what the year ahead holds for the individual.

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